Why I ask "Where's the transparency" on recent podcast...

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jim Horn on his Oro Valley podcast. We covered a wide range of topics, however both of us kept coming back to the fact that there seems to be a real lack of transparency with the overall process under the leadership of the current Mayor and majority councilmembers. It was great to speak with Jim about so many important topics concerning our town, and below are a few excerpts from the 21-minute interview (CLICK HERE for full podcast):

2:48 - "There is a lack of transparency. There is loss of trust. There is nothing more important than public trust and I see that fading and that concerns me."

2:55 - "This isn’t a national type of thing, this is local. Local government should be a part of the community and the community a part of local government, and the fact that I’m seeing the erosion of trust really concerns me. I spent my career being really transparent, working with the community and that’s my main focus, to restore that trust and to make sure we can retain Oro Valley and make it better as we move forward."

5:27 - "Where is the process? Where is the transparency? There’s got to be a process involved, but there is no process. Without clearly thinking things through, you have chaos and that’s what I’m seeing."

7:04 - "I am very pleased that Town West has purchased the Market Place and is willing to do something with it. I’m excited for some amenities, the restaurants and things like that, but again, we just can’t take sides and be either “for or against”, we have to compromise and work together. The owners of Town West are business people. We say we want to support businesses and bring more business in, well then we have to figure out ways to work with them and not just always oppose. We have to work together. I am concerned because we are losing the sense of community and we are pitting neighbor against neighbor…bottom line is, we all want Oro Valley to move forward to be successful and a great place to live."

19:15 - "Transparency begins with conversations. If I am fortunate enough to be elected as Mayor, you can count on me coming back on your podcast because communicating and connecting with our community are high priorities for me."

To listen to the full podcast, please click HERE. And as always, please feel free to visit my website to learn more, and click on the donate button to help support the campaign. And for those of you who have not yet signed my petition sheets, there is now an online version you can sign to get me on the August 2nd ballot at the top of my web page, or simply by clicking the link here:

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