“My Top Priority is Public Safety”

Last Monday I sat down with Chris DeSimone on his popular talk show Wake Up Tucson, on 1030AM KOVI The Voice. We covered a wide range of topics regarding the Mayoral Race and my campaign, and some of the excerpts are included below. To listen to the full broadcast, please click below:

4:22 C.D.- What made you say “I’m gonna run for Mayor”?

D.S.- It was cumulative…there was a lot of thrash about my replacement (current Mayor & V.Mayor were facing a potential recall by the community over their decision to focus on an outside hire for Chief, instead of Kara Riley). Before I left I identified that we needed additional police officers…there were four funded, but there were supposed to be four funded the following year too, once I retired, but they were never funded!

4:55 D.S.- We have crushing debt that Oro Valley’s never seen before. It’s got to stop!...I can step in..I can make a difference.

C.D.- So when we talk about crushing debt of Oro Valley, I know we are throwing an extra 25 million on a Parks & Rec bond.

5:39 D.S.- This Council borrowed 17 million dollars to pay off the unfunded pension liability which was not a crisis! When I taught Public Policy at UofA we had a saying…”people have a solution in search of a problem!” It actually cost us 27 million because they also took 10 million out of our reserves!

6:03 D.S.- So with this additional 25 million and the interest, that actually takes us over 50 million dollars that we are gonna have to pay off.

7:44 D.S. - There was no discussion…the business of government should be done in public and it should be done with getting input from the citizens and residents and that’s not happening.

10:36 C.D.- If you win this, what’s on the short list…How do we get back to a community of excellence?

D.S.- My top priority is Public Safety and that’s not a surprise to anybody.

13:44 C.D.- There’s a leadership problem that has trickled down.

I'd like to thank Chris DeSimone for the opportunity to come on his show and talk a little about my campaign. During my tenure as Chief of Police I was invited many times to come on the show, as Chris has always been very supportive of law enforcement, and I really appreciate him giving me the chance to talk about these important issues concerning our community.

And as always, please feel free to visit my website to learn more, and click on the donate button to help support the campaign. And for those of you who have not yet signed my petition sheets, there is now an online version you can sign to get me on the August 2nd ballot at the top of my web page, or simply by clicking the link here:

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