Corrections from the Campaign Trail

Now that the Campaign has officially kicked off, I realize what a learning curve there is to being a candidate for public office. But I'm looking forward to it all if it means a chance to serve our community as Mayor and help lead our town to a brighter future.

One of the challenges I've quickly come to realize that is so important is making sure that my ideas about the future, and where I stand on policy issues, are represented accurately in the press. It’s important to be aware that things can get “lost in translation” or taken out of context during interviews, even if the reporter has the best of intentions.

In a recent edition of the Explorer, there was an article in which I was discussing campaign issues with a reporter, and to my surprise, some of my ideas were not conveyed in the way that I expressed them. So I had to issue the following correction, which I hope they publish to help clarify this important issue:

Without reasonable, thoughtful and sensible growth, Oro Valley could ultimately have to face service reductions (police, parks, road maintenance, etc.) followed by a possible property tax. I am absolutely opposed to property taxes in Oro Valley. I am running to establish responsible fiscal policies that would ensure that the town never has a property tax.

I think this much more accurately reflects my stance on property taxes and the need for sensible development, and I'm looking forward to making sure the record is set straight. Our local press provides an invaluable service to our community, and I’ve always appreciated that fact throughout my years as Oro Valley Police Chief. I thank them for what they do, and you for your support, and look forward to sharing more as this campaign continues.

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