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"Vision without action is a mirage.

Action without vision is chaos."

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The incredible quality of life that Oro Valley affords its residents has taken decades to build, but it will take strong leadership and invaluable experience to carry this vision into the future.  The choices we make today will determine the type of town in which we live tomorrow.  

With your support, we can ensure that better tomorrow.



What We Can Do About It

Be Informed

Find out about the issues we are facing as a community, and the impact they will have on our town.  Follow us on Facebook for the latest 

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Get Involved

Join a local civic group, attend Town Council meetings, or volunteer for my campaign... there are plenty of ways to play an active part in our community.

Make A Difference

As Police Chief of the OVPD for 20 years I know how much of an impact a single person can have.  This campaign is about the future of our community, so get in touch, donate what you can, and most importantly... VOTE!

20 Years of leading the Oro Valley Police Department

My History

I've been a police officer in the Tucson Metro area for over 40 years, with the last 20 being spent as the Police Chief of our wonderful community.  I've been blessed to have been able to call Oro Valley home for all that time, and have had the opportunity to raise our sons here with all the amazing benefits it affords families.  


During my time I worked in just about every level of law enforcement, served on many boards concerning public safety and as an adjunct faculty member for Law Enforcement Programs at both PCC and at UA.  I regularly give presentations to national groups about public safety, and our police department has become a model for other agencies due to its reputation for safety and transparency.  

But it was my experience as Acting Town Manager for a year and a half that really opened my eyes to the need for quality leadership, and so as a husband, a father, a fellow resident and neighbor I feel like I can bring the crucial experience, temperament and mindset needed to usher this great community into the future we all deserve.

My Values

I believe my record demonstrates our success in achieving a safe, healthy and vibrant community. If I am elected your Mayor, I will move to restore the community's confidence in our elected officials, and move us toward a bright future together.


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